I developed this site to do what I wanted a site to do.

It is designed to be the homepage for your browser, so when you open your browser, all the information and links you decide are important are available to you straight away.

Keep your Musterfy page open and it will update the data automatically.

When you register with a username, your page is then available to you at username.musterfy.com so you can bring up your page from any machine and without logging in.

Take control of your layout by selecting the width, columns, colours and styles of your page.

Want to rearrange the items/widgets on your page, just drag and drop them.

Don't want certain widgets to display automatically... shrink them and next time you visit they will be shrunk by default.

Collect your favourite websites and categorize them.

View your favourites as screenshots in blocks on your page or in the 3D spinner if you have a lot of favourites.

Like a category of links on a friend's page? If they have set the category for sharing, you can then attach that category to your page. Great for sharing resources.

Are you developer? Put a “Muster This!” button on your site and let your visitors quickly place your site into their Muster page.

Stay in contact with your friends on Musterfy using the messaging system.

Messages are grouped as conversations and can be sent to as many friends as you wish.

See who has read each message.

All without moving away from your homepage.

Add a Facebook widget and receive all your feeds from your Facebook account.

Keep track of what is going on and only need to visit Facebook when you want to.

Place events into your calendar widget.

Interact with posts and post to Facebook at the same time as other systems.

Add as many Twitter widgets as you like.

Keep track of those you are following.

Tweet each individually or Tweet your Status to them when updating in Musterfy and Facebook.

Each RSS widget let's you attach many feeds and displays the selected by default.

A great way to get the news you want as soon as you open your browser.

Never miss the news again.

Watch a lot of BBC iPlayer? Then this widget is for you.

Browse the categories and view the programmes grouped by show title.

Following a series? You can favourite a series making that show appear at the top of the list.

Each series will indicate how many episodes are available and is expandable, to display each episode.

Making the unmissable even more unmissable.

As your Muster page can be viewed from your own domain like username.musterfy.com

Want to keep some of your links or widgets private, you can specify them to be private, visible to friends or public.

Private and friend visible widgets require you or your friend to be logged in.

Every update or input that can be made requires you to be logged in.